What does HFA do?

HFA support the community across a number of initiatives

Support Fencers & Clubs

HFA provides clubs with comprehensive sporting insurance for Historical Fencing.

HFA also provide advice and documentation to help get your club up and running.


HFA general rulesets are used in tournaments throughout Australia.

HFA is also affiliated with the Historical Fencing League, tracking event results and maintaining league tables.


HFA is an advocate for Historical Fencing with Australian and world sporting organisations.

We also liaise with government to build HEMA as a sport in Australia, and have already influenced the way Historical Fencing is categorised in Victoria.

Meet Our Team

Historical Fencing Australia's central committee comprises fencers and instructors from around Australia. Our current standing board members are shown here.


Daniel Pope

Daniel is the head coach at Melbourne's Scholar Victoria. His area of interest is the pedagogy and structure of fencing systems, with a focus on German longsword, sidesword, and 19th century sabre.



Alex Roberson

Alex is an instructor at Sword Fighter on the Gold Coast, and is a founding member of HFA. He is also the founder of the Australian Historical Fencing League, who track tournament results and competitors.



Mark Holgate

Mark is the instructor and owner of Adelaide Sword Academy. He is a founding member of HFA, and is one of the first full time professional Historical Fencing instructors in Australia.

Vice President

Vice President

Gindi Wauchope

Gindi runs the Melbourne Salle, Australia's premiere full-time Historical Fencing facility. He is also the instructor and owner of The School of Historical Fencing, in Melbourne.

Board Member

Board Member

James Spottiswoode

James is the head instructor at Ironclad Academy of the Sword in Adelaide. His focus in on both armoured and unarmoured fencing with the longsword.

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