What does HFA do?

HFA was formed to encourage, promote, and advance the sport, the martial arts practise, and the scholarship of HEMA throughout Australia;


  1. assist in arranging, conducting and regulating competitions in the Sport;
  2. affiliate with appropriate state, national and International sports organisations, acting as their Australian affiliated member where possible; 
  3. maintain and enhance the reputation of the Sport and the standards of play and behaviour of Participants in competition; and 


  1. develop and promote instruction of Historical Fencing in Australia
  2. promote safe practises in training and instruction of HEMA; and


  1. promote research in HEMA and help disseminate it to the community;


  1. provide benefits to its associates and members through the sharing of information and ideas;
  2. having regard to the public interest in its operations; and
  3. undertaking other actions or activities necessary, incidental or conducive to advance these objects.

What does HFA NOT do?

HFA is not a governing body.

We do not ask that member of affiliate clubs recognise us as their specific governing body unless they vote to do so at some future time.

While HFA and its members may hold positions on certain behaviours and activities we do not have power to enforce those positions on others, nor make rulings or adjudications on the internal governance of members and affiliates. Our broad internal expectations are published in our member protection policy, though this governs activities within HFA itself, not our member bodies.

HFA cannot withdraw insurance coverage from affiliates insured through us except if they clearly and significantly contravene our published standards on safe behaviour; such acts threaten the insurance for everyone, as well as the legal recognitions we have worked to gain.

In such cases where this is likely to happen we will seek to mediate the situation with the club and ask them to correct their behaviour; if they fail to do so they face removal from the listed insured bodies.