Historical Fencing Australia is glad that you are coming along to our event. We hope you enjoy it. Below is a collection of useful information that you should read before coming to the camp.


  • Useful links
  • Getting Here
  • Spare Seat / Lifts
  • What you need to bring
  • Dealing with the Heat
  • Fencing Expectations & Rules
  • The Tournament
  • Further info

Useful Links

Timetable and Class Descriptions
List of Instructors
Code of Conduct
Chore Allocation List

Getting here:

Arrival time:
Anytime from 3 ish on Friday – get in touch if you would like to come early to help set up.

Departure time:
Formal activities conclude at 4 pm and we ask that the site be tidied up, and everyone leave by 6 pm.

Gilwell Park Scout Camp
2555 Gembrook-Launching Pl Rd, Gembrook Victoria 3783

Exact Map Location

Gilwell Park is located near Gembrook in the east of the Dandenong Ranges, about 60 minutes from Melbourne CBD It can also be easily reached from the south and east (23km from Pakenham), or from the north (20km from Launching Place).

Do you have a spare seat in your car? Need help getting here from the station? or help getting a lift from somewhere?

Lorne is coordinating lifts from Belgrave station, or elsewhere in Melbourne, to the site. If you need a lift send him a message and let him know when you arrive, and when you need to depart, so we can help you.
If you can pick people up from the station or somewhere else in Melbourne please contact Lorne to let him know.
lorneawilliams at gmail dot com

What you need to bring
You need to bring all the things you need to have a good time at the camp.

You will definitely need the following:

  • Clothes (especially warm clothing the site can get cold),
  • Bedding (including pillow), make sure you have warm bedding e.g. sleeping bag, it can get cold in the hills
  • Towel
  • Fencing protective equipment (mask, gloves, jacket, elbow & knee protection, other stuff if you have it),
  • Swords (there will be some loaners around but you should bring at least one sword so you always have something you can use).

We will provide: cutlery, crockery, food, mattresses (in the dorms only).

Dealing with the Heat and first aid info

It’s going to be hot this weekend. We have adjusted the timetable to work around this but will still have to work through the heat a bit.

Drink water, wear sunscreen & a hat, stay in the shade whenever you can. There is aircon in the food hall, and there will be sunscreen and eloctrolyte drinks there too. The dorms have fans.

The site is in the bush and comes with the usual risks associated with that. Wear shoes, and watch out for snakes if you in the bushy areas. Given the heat, the state park surrounding us will be out of bounds and if you have to leave site unexpectedly please let Gindi (0437461101) or Lorne (0422254001) know – we need to keep track of who is onsite in case of bushfire etc.

Fencing expectations

Fencing with people outside your sparring culture requires communication, if you are going to spar with someone you need to agree on the rules of engagement you want to play with first.
Fighters must wear protective equipment appropriate to the level of free play they are about to engage in, generally this means a minimum of a fencing mask for slow play but could be very comprehensive for other sparring conditions.

Fencing rules for the camp:

  • No one is obligated to begin or continue fencing. If someone says no, accept their decision gracefully.
  • All swords must be tipped with leather or plastic or rubber. See this video for details.
  • Before fencing with someone check in and agree on: intensity, gear worn, allowed techniques, and anything else you aren’t sure about
  • Call HOLD if you feel or see anything unsafe. Say TOO HARD if a blow against you is too hard.
  • Fencers who cannot maintain adequate control will not be allowed to spar.
  • Everyone must have read and then follow the code of conduct at all times, while at the camp!

The Tournament
We are running a competition over the period of the camp. From 6 pm Friday to 3pm Tuesday.

The winner will be the person who does the most sparring/participates in the most classes over that time. Yes there is a prize 😉

Each class you participate in is worth 10 points
Each unique sparring session is worth 1 point

To count as a unique sparring session you have to either fence someone for the first time at the camp or fence the same person with a new weapon combination.

Keep track of your classes and sparring sessions in your training notebook and then tell Gindi your total points before/at 3 pm on Tuesday.


The camp is fully catered by volunteers, and you can choose between dorm style accommodation, or bringing your own tent. The camp is in a new location this year so all the various fencing locations have large undercover spaces with lighting, in case of bad weather.

 Last year, after dinner, campers variously enjoyed social time, including some card/board games, and took some time alone to recharge their social batteries, before starting all over at breakfast the next day. We also often play even sillier fencing games, roast marshmallows, or pull out the lightsabres.