Come and enjoy a weekend of fencing training and camaraderie in the Australian bush.

Sword Camp is designed to help you learn and improve your historical martial arts skills while having fun. Experienced community instructors will teach you new techniques, as well as run supervised sparring sessions, to give you plenty of chances to practice. The camp is open to all ages and skill levels, so whether you are a beginner or an experienced swordfighter, you will find something to challenge you. We offer a variety of activities, including games, mini tournaments, and social activities. The camp is a great way to meet new people who share your interests and make new friends. Join us for an unforgettable experience!

The camp will include: technical, tactical, and physical training for fencing with a variety of instructors, lots of sparring, plus catering for all and optional dorm or tent accommodation on site too.




Clifford Park Activity Centre
5-7 Clifford Drive, Wonga Park 3115


Would you like to cook? We are seeking a team to assist with catering the event (roughly an 8 hour time commitment, 4 hours of pre-camp planning, and 4 hours cooking time at the camp) itself.
Catering team peeps are vital and deeply appreciated, and so attend the event for free. Any profits from the camp will go towards compensating the catering and instructor teams for their travel costs.

Would you like to instruct? We are looking for a variety of awesome instructors to help improve everyone’s fencing, across one or more of the three streams of classes. If this is you, or you would like to make an instructor recommendation, please send me an email. Instructors will have reduced ticket prices based on the number of classes they teach.

Financial Hardship
If you are having trouble affording the camp please send me an email. We have some solidarity tickets available, and can arrange payment in installments, as well as all of the other assisting options mentioned above.


The camp is fully catered by volunteers, and you can choose between daytripping in, dorm style accommodation, or bringing your own tent. The camp is in a new location this year so all the various fencing locations have large undercover spaces with lighting, in case of bad weather.

What does each day at the camp look like?

07:30  Breakfast
09:00  30min Physical training session, led by one of our instructors. May cover strength, mobility, corrective exercise, and/or explosiveness)
09:45  90min Technical classes (practicing how to do various techniques) – 3 classes run concurrently
11:15   60min Coached sparring session, lead by one of the instructors
12:15   Lunch
13:15   90min Tactical/coaching classes (when and why to do techniques you already know) – 3 classes run concurrently
14:45  45min Open training/sparring. Seek out specific people for additional informal training or sparring, or just have a rest. Some of the instructors will be around in case you have specific questions or techniques you wish to work on.
15:30  Afternoon tea
16:00 90min Group Combat Scenarios and Mini-Tournaments (Gear Requirements etc to be published before the camp).
18:00  Dinner

Last year, after dinner, campers variously enjoyed social time, including some card/board games, and took some time alone to recharge their social batteries, before starting all over at breakfast the next day. We also often play even sillier fencing games, roast marshmallows, or pull out the lightsabres.

When we break into three streams you can expect that there will generally be 1) two handed , 2) single handed cutty, and 3) single handed thrusty. There is no requirement to stay within any particular stream, if you are interested in different classes, you are welcome to attend those. The streams will also vary between gear levels and assumed knowledge so there should always be a session that interests you.

In summary, each day will include approximately 4 hrs of technical and tactical training, 2 hours of coached sparring/ fencing games, and at least an hour of dedicated self directed training/sparring time.

Who should go?

Anyone who has trained in historical fencing for 3 months or more.

Will there be loaner gear?

Yes, there will be a variety of weapons available to borrow. However, If you need to borrow PPE you should organise that with your club.

Do you need a lift from the bus stop?

We will be coordinating lifts from the 672 bus stop (Dudley Rd/Jumping Creek Rd), to which buses run approximately every 30 minutes from Croydon station. Public transport directions from the city to the bus stop here.

What weapons will be taught?

There will be classes, coaching, and sparring with the following weapons: Longsword, Sabre, Rapier, Two Handed Sword, Sidesword, Sword & Buckler, Rapier & Dagger, Knife, Duelling sword, Foil, Wrestling, Messer, Dussack, Spear, Sword & Dagger. If there’s something else you want to fence with bring it, odds are someone else will want to play with it too.

Is there a tournament?

Yes, there is a competition. The winners will be the team and persons who do the most: sparring, classes, and chores, over the camp. Yes there are prizes 😉

Who are the instructors?

The instructor list is not yet finalised.
We are looking for a variety of awesome instructors to help improve everyone’s fencing, across one or more of the three streams of classes. If this is you, or you would like to make an instructor recommendation, please send an email to: historicalfencingaus at gmail dot com. Instructors will have reduced ticket prices based on the number of classes they teach.

Are you having trouble getting there?

If you are keen to attend, but are experiencing financial hardship, there are various options available to ensure you are able to attend, including volunteering for the catering team, and solidarity (i.e. free) tickets. On that note, we are seeking volunteers for the catering team, as well as volunteers to pick attendees up from the bus stop and drop them to the campsite (about a 6 minute drive each way).

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Camp Admin (Gindi) can be reached on the HFA fb page, or via email to ( historicalfencingaus at gmail dot com ).

I hope to see you there!