Sword Fighter is the Gold Coast’s premier sword sports club. Aiming to produce world class fencers by drawing upon documented historical resources, we specialise in the study and teaching of Historical Fencing, namely medieval German longsword, arming sword, and sword and buckler. We are located at Mudgeeraba. We aim to produce effective and realistic weapons techniques in a safe and athletic learning environment. Our fencers compete internationally and our club hosts both interstate and private tournaments throughout the year.

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Collegium in Armis (CIA) is a school of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) and historical fencing based in Brisbane, Australia. Originally established in 2003 by Bill Carew and Leith Golding. CIA operates as a not-for-profit unincorporated association with a small but dedicated membership with ties to the Australian and international HEMA and re-enactment communities.

We study and practice HEMA based on sources in two broad streams; a Medieval and Renaissance stream based primarily on German sources from the 13th to 16th centuries, and an Enlightenment stream based on later British, French and Italian sources from the 17th to 19th centuries.

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We are a not-for-profit group which focuses on the fighting styles of Italy in late medieval/Renaissance period. We cover such weapon systems as the medieval longsword, cut & thrust sword, rapier, dagger and wrestling.

However, our initial curriculum focuses on the “Bolognese” style of self-defense passed down to us through the writings of several Italian authors from the 16th century. These fighting manuals are read, interpreted and work-shopped extensively in order for modern students to apply these once deadly fighting techniques in a safe and enjoyable environment of self improvement and social interaction.

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The aim of CESA is to combine research of the surviving European martial arts manuals with the practical knowledge gained through drills and free sparring. Our main focus is Italian longsword, Bolognese sidesword, infantry sabre and Italian rapier.

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We practice rapier, rapier and dagger, and sidesword as described in 16th and 17th century French fencing texts. We train period sword fighting skills with replica weapons in modern protective equipment.

LongEdge Fencing is a member of the growing and world-wide Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) community.

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The Historical School of Defence is a martial arts study group based in Toowoomba, Queensland that uses historical sources in order to revive and practice martial pursuits from the past. We are currently focusing on Western Martial Arts, WMA, specifically Historical European Martial Arts, HEMA in the German tradition from the 15th and 16th centuries, including longsword, pollaxe, wrestling and dagger.

We love swords and this is the clubs main focus but we also try to round out our martial capabilities with other weapons and unarmed systems.

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Brisbane Swords is a HEMA school teaching historical combat arts with practical application and modern teaching methods.
Taught by an instructor with over 30 years martial arts training and 15 years teaching experience.

Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) are based on existent manuscripts from the early 1300s to the 1800’s and beyond.

Brisbane Swords primarily focuses on Sword and BucklerLongsword and Rapier (and other interests).

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Our not-for-profit club reconstructs Iberian Historical European Martial Arts , focusing on 16th & 17th century Spanish and Portuguese rapier in a style known as La Verdadera Destreza, as well as other Iberian styles.

At BSIS we aim to be a welcoming, safe, and fun. Our structured syllabus and team of rotating instructors gives you the opportunity to learn from different perspectives each week. As you become more experienced, you will cover other interesting tools such as the enormous montante, and how to use your cloak in combat.

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Australis Scherma Scuola di Spada e Sciabola

Freeplay/sparring with various Swords. As well as partner drilling & Personal tuition. We also have variety of solo “pells” for use. Gear wise you will have to bring your own. Mask, gloves & a sword are the minimum you will need.

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Vanguard Swordsmanship Academy is a martial arts organisation which teaches western sword fighting.

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Fitzroy River College of Arms – Rockhampton
The Historical School of Defence Toowoomba – Toowoomba
Invicta Fencing Academy – South Brisbane
Kunst des Fechten Queensland – Townsville