Member clubs have full representative voting rights with HFA as well as the option to be included in sub-committees and provide steering advice to the the executive level.

Full membership will be accessible in 2020.


Affiliate clubs are clubs which are insured through HFA. They are able to participate in specific HFA events and are covered under weapons exemptions for HFA as required in key Australian states.

For more information on affiliate clubs in various states, please use the Find a Club option in the main menu.

Affiliate clubs are listed below:

Adelaide Sword Academy
Armidale Historical Fencing Inc
Australis Scherma Scuola di Spada e Sciabola
By The Sword Ballarat
Cairns European Sword Academy
Collegium in Armis
die Schlachtschule Canberra
Gunning District Sword Fighters
Ironclad Academy of the Sword
LongEdge Fencing
Melbourne Messer Club (Messer Club Incorporated)
Scholar Victoria Inc.
Spada di Bolognese
Sword Fighter
Sword-Point College of Arms
The Historical School of Defence
The School of Historical Fencing
Big Tree Combat Academy